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Experiencing Art through the eyes of Amritansh: A Child of Determination

A young man trying to reach his potential when he cannot speak any language in words! Life was tough, but then one-day art happened to him. Art gave him a play field to expresses his emotions, thoughts and feelings, the only language through which he communicates to the world of what he sees of it.

He feels nature, its colours. You will see stars and galaxies appearing, limitlessly from his vivid imagination through a myriad of a delightfully colorful palette he brings the oceans alive on his paper. His strokes tell a story that will travel you across the cosmos in a feeling of celebration.

Meet my talented son Amritansh, he is a child of determination and I am proud to present you his gift of expressing his vivid observations through the medium of colors and carefully woven brushstrokes in astound wisdom interpreting the joy and beauties that he silently observes in absolute excitement.

Art helped him to celebrate his life; he lives and breathes it day in and day out! His life isn’t mundane any more. His works have received appreciation from patrons in India and oversees

Sharing his ART, his recipe for life!



Rainforest (2020)

Water on paper

Om Mani Padme Hum(2021)

Water on paper

Xplosion (2020)

Water on paper

The Village (2020)

Water on paper

Fireworks (2020)

Water on paper

Surya Kiran (2021)

Water on paper

Water on paper

Dream Candy

Water Colour on Paper

Confusion- Acrylic on Canvas 2022

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Awesomism Autism- 13th - 19th April, The Quorum Club, Gurgaon (Solo Exhibition)

Awesomism Autism- 2nd April 2022- Patna, Bihar (Solo Exhibition)

Ywca webinar on Autism Awareness, Acceptance and Appreciation 18Th June 2021

Views from Planet Autism 2019 - India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, New Delhi



Amritansh’s paintings are his soul explorations. And they are exactly what he is experiencing life as in the moment that they are created. His creative process is free and is aimed to bring joy and peace to himself, his family and his community. Anybody can use his art for meditative practice and for sure will be uplifted and soothed. So Amritansh and his art is a healing presence in this world.

Maj DP Singh

Amritansh is like nature- no boundaries- treats everyone equally- spread around. And we all are like people- finding names, giving identities, enclosing everything in some dayra. So much blessed you are courtesy the super soul. He is above all of us- but chota mu badi baat- i convey my blessings and prayers for him as well.

Revati Yadav

A unique child I know from the time he was born, very sensitive but equally humorous.He is normal like any other child except for the fact that he lacks speech but is able to convey what he wants.He is doing well in various fields.I sincerely wish him the best in life May God bless him and fulfill his pursuits. May Amritansh rise to heights where he won’t need introduction God’s grace be with you always.

Neha Alok

His paintings are a treat to one's eyes. Had always heard of autistic kids but never knew that they can do much better than normal kids. For a child of his age , he gives tough competition to professional painters as every time he paints, there is a newness in his painting... Colours and patterns that catch your attention,and you just get deep into it. Something that I would want to be a part of my home and would love to see every day. Saw few of his videos while painting, the pleasure he gets while painting, the intensity of his interest in it, makes me feel like picking up a brush and paint! The purity of his painting is unmatchable! Wishing him all the best for a bright future, and hoping to pick up one of the paintings of this artist one day when I meet him, with his autograph!

Neha Alok

Amritansh,You are an artist with a divine fire, With passion inside you, which majority desire, An inborn skill that you are blessed with, Which many don't believe and find it a myth, These people need to meet you in person, To see the true version, Of you and your talent, A growing man with efforts so gallant, Keep up the good work, Your talent is a perk, Of the efforts you put into it, With every passing day bit by bit, You have a long way to go, You will reap what you sow, So wishing you the best, Continue doing the great work with the same zest!!!

Amita Sarwal

Dearest Amritansh, To get to know and then to write about you and your talents and abilities has been a humbling learning curve for me. To start with, congratulations on your artistic genius. Such intense, dramatic art wants me to get into your mind and know what you think when you put brush to canvas with awesome results. Beyond this, impressed by your fist full of other skills- horse riding, marathon walking, skating, cycling, tennis, globe trotting and now typing and xylophone. May your self confidence and independent loving nature and ability to express yourself continue to grow in leaps and bounds. Your mom Rohini, dad Yadvender, Kanak nani and Rahul mama are your support system. love and blessings Amita Sarwal

Brig (Dr) BK Singh

I have seen Amritansh for over 10 years- he has overcome many challenges at school, home with the extraordinary care given by his parents. Finally he has found his calling as an artist. His mother Rohini has encouraged him to fulfil his dreams in a way that shows the close bonding between them. His beautiful splashes of colours make me wanting in my abilities to ever write legibles. I find the expressions in his painting extra ordinary. I am sure that he will flourish in his art with the guidance and care his parents give to him. Keep it up Amritansh, you will achieve greatness in art.

An admirer..

Good bless Amritansh with his eternal love and mercy. The creation of Amritansh is as colorful and out of the world as him - it is an expression of his dream. Beta, remember nothing is impossible in this world especially when you are the blessed one. Ashish and love.

Dipti Dubey

Keep up the good work and do whatever you want to do. You are lucky that you can lead your life in your own way.


Lovely Amritansh, All I can say is that you can see the world the way we all want to see it. So keep showing us.

Sheetal & Rajat

Dear Amritansh, Firstly you are an idol and a role model for all of us. There is a constant learning going with you in all of our life. You have defined yourself with your imagination and hard work through your art. Child you are blessed, your energy, and unconditional love for everyone around you is what keeps us all attracted to you. Lots of love to you and your super parents. Thanks for being in our life.

Rupa Bhasin

How truly delightful to be a part of this celebration of your art. Your art is truly blessed by God. Keep painting and keep creating and keep spreading you positive cheerful energy all around. God bless you Rohini for your positive energy, it's truly inspirational.


Wonderful paintings with all happy colours. God blesses him always with millions of smiles and lots of success in life.

Wg Cdr CPN Singh

A marvellous one. The talent hidden in Amritansh can be appreciated by one who is divinely exceedingly rich. This is only possible owing to the divine grace of divine external super supreme power of the almighty who has travelled all this earth as Lord Krishna. May Lord Krishna bless him with divine happiness forever. Remain blessed one with thy grace.

Shreya & Swapan Seth

Unstoppable talent, unrelenting brilliance. Indeed, a star is born.

Deepanjali Bhargava

Absolutely rocking talent. Love the riot of colours.

Nitika Sethi

So loved the colours and vibrations that the work exuberates. Keep rocking champ.

Pooja Hasija

Truly gifted child with amazing capability to visualise things others can't perceive. Truly blessed to know Amritansh in person.

Nandini- another young painter

Dude! the pieces were outstanding!! I hope you keep expressing your feelings with paint and have the time of your life. Thank you for gracing the world with your artworks.

Abhishek and Tuhina

Seeing Amritansh grow up and blossom into an artist has been an immense privilege. So happy for you and wish you all the best in whatever you choose to do. Tuhina and I will always be rooting for you.


Vibrant, uncharacteristic yet blending, a magnificent milange of colours Amritansh.

Rajbir & Navdeep Singh Sandhu

Colours just don't speak but narrate a story here, the story of a journey where the destination is always moving forward but still it is not a mirage. God bless this creativity and keep this foundation in Amritansh flowing the art of nature.

Kreeti Mathur

Amazing vibration of paintings, beautiful. Impressed with all the creativity of this wonderful child. Just falling in love with his imagination, Absolutely wonderful. Mesmerising Awesome artworks, full of colours. Keep doing a great job, we all love your creativity. Take me as your biggest fan.


Amritansh is a 14 yrs old neuro- divergent young man trying to reach his potential in a world which is not easy for him to understand. He is always ready for all the challenges that are thrown at him and tries to learn from each experience. As he has different set of neural wiring then most of us he undergoes more anxiety in any given situation and his survival instincts are active whenever he is in a new environment. As a child he bought happiness to everyone around him and always showed a ray of hope in even the darkest hour. He is yet to use words to communicate with the world but is quite independent in his day to day work. He was introduced to art as a tool to understand concepts of sorting shapes and colours, learning how to differentiate things and to bring some colour into his mundane routine of learning 1-10 and A to Z. Although he is yet to learn that but he got interested in art, his sitting time improved as he tried different medium of art and was more focused while working on an art piece. With time I became confident about this work and started showing it to my friends. He has sold many of his artworks in India and his work has been appreciated abroad also. As he got appreciated for his art, I got to see the light in his diagnosis. Hope his story is able to help others see more than what meets the eyes. As I always say- let me focus on what he can do rather than what he cannot do as there are so many things that he does and I can’t so why should I expect him to do everything that I can. Hope his story is able to inspire and give hope.

From A happy and inspired mother

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